Cap-and-Trade: In the News

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The Truth behind California’s Hidden Gas Tax
Guest Opinion by Senator Patricia Bates,
April 29, 2016

California Families and Businesses Aren’t Doing Better, but the State Agencies Are
Guest Opinion by Assemblyman Frank Bigelow,
April 29, 2016

Without Change, Cap and Trade is an Illegal Tax
Guest Opinion by Carson Bruno,
April 27, 2016

Jerry Brown’s Lofty Aspirations Come Face to Face with the Law
By Dan Morain,
April 22, 2016

Rein in Sacramento’s AB 32 Slush Fund
Guest Opinion by Former Assemblyman Roger Niello
April 21, 2016

Cap-and-Trade Revenue Should Go To Fix Our Valley Air
Guest Opinion by Former Assemblyman Allan Nakanishi
April 20, 2016

California Appeals Court Questions Don’t Bode Well For Cap-and-Trade
By Amy Quinton
April 19, 2016

Cap-and-Trade Spending Proposals Require a Two Thirds Vote
Guest Opinion by Cal Tax’s Teresa Casazza
April 18, 2016

How State’s Carbon Tax Adds to Your Fuel Bill
OC Register Editorial Board
April 12, 2016

New Reports Shine Light on Opaque Carbon Tax Program
By Matthew Fleming
April 8, 2016

LAO Numbers on Cap-N-Trade Sure Make It Feel Like a Tax
By Joel Fox
April 8, 2016

Report: California Carbon Tax Hikes Gas Prices 11 cents
April 7, 2016

California Drivers Pay 11 cents More Per Gallon Thanks to State’s Cap-and-Trade Rules, Study Finds
By Liam Dillon,
April 7, 2016

Our Gas Tanks Should Not Be Sacramento’s Piggy Bank
Guest Opinion by NFIB’s Tom Scott,
March 21, 2016

Costs of Climate-Change Regulations Should Be Focus of Concern
Guest Opinion by CMTA’s Dorothy Rothrock,
March 6, 2016

The Hidden Costs Driving California Gas Prices Up
Guest Opinion by BOE Member Diane Harkey,
March 3, 2016

Oil Gears Up For Another Climate Fight
By Laurel Rosenhall,
March 2, 2016

Shedding Light on California’s Gas Prices
Guest Opinion by Assemblyman Tom Lackey,
February 25, 2016

California Should End Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program to Avoid Gas Price Hikes
Guest Opinion by Assemblyman Jay Obernolte,
February 19, 2016

Use Market Pricing to Reduce California CO2 Emissions
Guest Opinion by Loren Kaye,
February 3, 2016

State’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Doesn’t Cut Net Emissions
Guest Opinion by Robert Stavins,
January 27, 2016

The Real Story Behind SB 350
Guest Opinion by Sylvester Aguilar,
January 14, 2016