What Is CARE?

Mission Statement:

Californians for Affordable and Reliable Energy (CARE) will educate local, regional and statewide audiences regarding the major challenges to California’s energy supply. CARE will aggressively advocate for a comprehensive statewide energy plan that ensures affordability, reliability and adequate energy supplies in order to maintain a competitive business climate.

Principles for a Comprehensive Energy Plan:

  • Prioritize the creation of an affordable and reliable state energy supply to protect consumers and support jobs and the economy;
  • Develop state policies that promote compliance flexibility, which are technology neutral, and that recognize regional differences to minimize energy cost increases and reliability impacts; 
  • Provide a rigorous and transparent assessment of the costs, risks and trade-offs of current state policies that could impede the efficient, affordable, and reliable delivery of energy;
  • Identify limits on the costs that should be borne by energy consumers and businesses to achieve important societal goals or mandates;
  • Conduct a rigorous analysis to identify and prevent duplication or inconsistencies between existing and new state policies to avoid energy cost increases and reliability risks;
  • Adopt realistic paths and timelines for regulatory compliance to achieve energy-related state goals to minimize stranded assets and maximize regulatory certainty;
  • Strengthen oversight and regularly adjust state policies to avoid energy cost overruns or reliability impacts, and;
  • Develop additional programs to encourage robust public participation, education, and support regarding the costs and benefits of energy and environmental policies.